Reading SUSAN – a new play by Ann Russell.

Posted on 27/03/2022 · Posted in News

I am so excited that the play I have been working on for the past few months is now having a rehearsed reading at The New Theatre. Sincere thanks to The Arts Council for funding the development of the play. Thanks too to The New Theatre and The Irish Theatre Institute for their support.

The New Theatre and Whirligig

present a Rehearsed Reading of


A new play


 Ann Russell

At The New Theatre on 30th March 2022 at 7pm.



SUSAN – Nursing Home resident                                                           Helen Roche

KAREN – Susan’s daughter                                                                        Lorna Quinn

BREEGE – Nursing Home manager                                                       Deirdre Monaghan

PEGGY – Nursing Home care assistant                                               Paula Greevy-Lee

ADRIANA – Care Assistant, Brazilian                                                  Michelle Lucy

Stage Directions                                                                                             Cate Russell

Script Development                                                                                     Gerard Lee

Design consultant                                                                                         Maree Kearns

Directed by Gerard Lee

Funded by the Arts Council: Project Funding 2021.

Supported by the Irish Theatre Institute and The New Theatre.

Sincere thanks to Leigh Hussey and Katherine Murphy, Irish Theatre Institute;

Dr. Hannah Gogarty (RCSI) and

The Alzheimer’s Society of Ireland for their advice and support.